“It’s unusual to work with somebody who has experience leading teams in multiple industries these days. Industry-to-industry transitions are hard and successfully drinking from the proverbial “fire hose” each time isn’t easy. It takes a nimble mind and flexible leadership style to pull it off as Sandy has done. He is a rare breed of business leader, that’s for sure.”

Christopher Buehler

“When it comes down to it, relationship and deal success comes down to trust and integrity. Whatever we put on paper is important, but being able to deliver trust and integrity over time is the real test of how a longer-term relationship will hold up. On all these accounts, Sandy is among the tops of the people I have dealt with during my career. I trust his integrity.”

Harris Liu, CEO, Golden Arches Enterprises

“I’ve worked with Sandy for nearly 10 years and have been proud to watch his management style and leadership develop into what he has become. He is the right person to lead many different kinds of companies right now and I can’t wait to see where he lands.”

Kim Silvers, CEO, Silvers HR