We’re looking for long-term growth opportunity in one successful business; not a quick hit or a cut-sell-run. We work with existing teams to strengthen and build their business extending those things that have worked so well, while bringing new expertise, energy and capital to the next phase of its development.  We’re not a classic private equity firm, either. So, what makes Seabright different?

Seabright is an ideal buyer for a great business with as many of the following characteristics as possible:

  • An industry with growth (either service or light manufacturing);
  • A company with a history of profits and growth in that industry;
  • A revenue profile that is stable, recurring relationships with customers;
  • Capital expenditure requirements that are on the lower side;
  • A great management team eager to keep growing and building on the strong foundation.

Sometimes these opportunities might be pure services businesses, other times light manufacturing, product + services, B-2-B or B-2-C. Growing industries such as healthcare, life sciences, agricultural tech, water tech and software (among others) all are attractive if the profile is right.

We are looking for long-term growth and don’t expect to arrive and shake things up. There’s no need to do that.  As we said where I grew up in Maine, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  If Seabright acquires your company, it’s because your company is already strong and profitable and you’re interested in new leadership  for the next stage of growth.

We won’t come in and cut our way to more profitability or toss the team. We bring an experienced leader (Sandy) who is ready to step in and work with your existing team, listen to and learn from their experience, bring capital and the experience of his operating partners to further strengthen your already great business.

Sandy will lead the new company and this will be his only job. He is an operator at heart and will commit the next decade of his life to building the business that he leads.

HEADQUARTERS Here in NorCal (Sacramento) Anywhere global Global
OPERATING BIAS / DEAL DRIVERS Growth, Profits & Stability ROI Only Absorption of costs
LEADERSHIP Sandy Paige Financial Leaders, CFOs Division VPs
INVESTMENTS IN PORTFOLIO One. Yours. Dozens or more Dozens or more
INVESTMENT HORIZON Flexible. Long-term. Committed. 3-5 years Until the strategy changes
SOURCES OF EQUITY FUNDS Experienced operators, financial investors, family offices, bank/SBA lending Pension funds, other PE groups Internal / External and public markets