What Is A Funded Search (also called “Search Fund”)?

Think of it as one experienced, entrepreneurial business leader looking to lead one management buyout. The leader of the Search Fund (in this case, Sandy Paige at Seabright) is turning Northern California upside down looking for one, great company. Maybe yours?

A Funded Search is a process by which professional investors and investment funds gather behind one individual and support them to search for one great acquisition which he/she will then manage as CEO. The investment horizon is long-term and this matches the needs of many owners considering the sale of their company . . . they don’t want to sell to somebody doing a “quick flip.”

Search Funds are ideal buyers of lower-tech product-based companies, B-2-B services, narrower vertical SAAS entities just to name a few. With new leadership and growth capital plus the existing management’s expertise . . . the sky is the limit for the next era in your company’s growth.